Art, education and fundraising - Art Projects for Schools

Art, education and fundraising

APFS exists to raise the profile of art in schools, give children hands-on experience of the design process, generate money for your school – and have some fun along the way!

We believe in nurturing creative thinking in children. We also believe in well-funded, well-resourced schools. Through a variety of art projects, APFS enables schools to raise funds while providing stimulating activities for children that result in a finished product that can be treasured forever.

We are very proud of the educational value of the projects and we provide techniques that harmonise with National Curriculum and QCA guidelines. APFS also reinvests in art through a number of programmes such as funding research into art education and art bursaries.

The fundraising art projects have been enthusiastically received by thousands of schools and organisations across the country who have shared in the success of the scheme, often repeating projects year after year.