Yearbooks, no longer are they just for looking back over the highlights and accomplishments of school leavers. Yearbooks can be a creative and exciting way to celebrate the fun school memories your children are making each year - or even term! Here’s a look at the sorts of things worth celebrating in yours:

Children love any chance to get out, explore, and make memories outside of the classroom. Whether you’re off on a museum trip, farm visit, or Fire Station tour - a yearbook is a brilliant place to collate photos, document quotes from the kids and note what you learned on your outing. A lovely way for parents to relive special memories with their children.

How can you encourage children to get more involved with sporting activities? Make more of celebrating sports achievements and fun! A yearbook is a brilliant space to share snaps of sports days, matches and team photos, and to keep a record of fixture results, goal scorers, man of the match - and any other sporting highlights.

If you’re spending a lot of time and money on your fundraising events, make sure you’re making the effort to document these. The common practice is to publish pictures on social media and email out to parents but how quickly do these get forgotten about? By documenting and celebrating your fundraising events in a yearbook you allow organisers, supporters and families to reflect on their fundraising successes and get inspired for the future.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of what our children are achieving outside of school but why not celebrate their accomplishments and boost their confidence with a section dedicated to out-of-school achievements? Things you could include: photography they’ve taken, interesting places they’ve been with their families, extracurricular awards they’ve won, or new members of the family they’ve welcomed! Children get a real thrill from having their name appear in print.  This could be a lovely one for the Autumn term, to re-live Summer holiday adventures.

Parents don’t have endless space at home to treasure every art piece. A yearbook is a wonderful opportunity to scan and photograph artworks and celebrate creativity - particularly extra-large pieces or temporary sculptures that get dismantled at the end of the day. Documenting creative works is a brilliant way to encourage further learning opportunities too. Why not interview pupils to find out their thought processes behind a piece and include these next to the finished artwork?

Those first school days are huge milestones. Why not take a first day photo and ask your children a few questions to gauge their excitement and find out what they’re most looking forward to about the year ahead? Last days are important too, and often a time where the usual school routine goes out the window and you do something extra fun! A nice day to celebrate in a yearbook.

Any type of school performance is a great opportunity for a yearbook feature. Again, photo content is key with additional interviews and quotes always being a fun addition that families can enjoy long into the future. How about assigning some children the task of being an official reviewer for the yearbook and publishing their response?

Our kids teachers make a lifelong impression on their classes, so consider celebrating them with a full staff profile the children can look back on. You can make this feature engaging and fun by asking your class to come up with interview questions themselves.

Who doesn't love reminiscing with their kids about their own school days? (Whether you enjoyed them or not!) Including classroom and school tours inside a yearbook is a lovely visual reminder for your children to look back on for years to come and reflect on with future generations.

Looking for more ideas on what to celebrate in your school yearbook? Ask your pupils. There are no rules to creating the perfect yearbook, you have the creative freedom to use it how you wish, and your children are sure to have ideas of their own! Why not start an interview series and ask them what they love most about school? Or ask them what they’ve most enjoyed doing throughout their years at school so far and uncover what it is they wish they could look back on? Perhaps they wish they could see photos of the role play corner or would have loved to do their own book reviews.

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Which of these school memories are you going to add in to your next yearbook?

If you have already created Yearbooks with Art Projects for Schools, we would love to see your creations - simply use the hashtag #artprojectscrafting to share your designs.