How to Create A Memorable Class Yearbook with Ease

Creating an APFS Yearbook with your class offers numerous benefits to your children – from strengthening creative thinking to boosting social skills and ultimately providing a valuable keepsake they can treasure through childhood and beyond. If you’re worried that undertaking such a project is going to be hard work… don’t be! With APFS, the whole process is straightforward, enjoyable and online. Here’s how to get started and make it a breeze:

Make a plan

The easiest way to get the most from your Yearbook is to be intentional. Think about what you want to achieve through your Yearbook project. Are there certain skills you’d like to help your children use? Are there certain achievements you want to highlight? Is your Yearbook designed to be a memento for parents to flick through or something the children should be able to read and enjoy themselves?

What you include in your Yearbook is completely up to you, and with APFS you can either use templates or create pages completely from scratch to meet your class needs.Browse our other blog posts for more ideas on what to include in your yearbook now.

Get the children involved

A Yearbook provides a fantastic opportunity to champion creativity in the classroom and allow children a sense of independence and responsibility. Ways you can get your children involved include:


Choose templates

Once you’ve planned out your content, its time to start using our easy online Yearbook designer. Here you can pick specific templates to edit and tweak or try creating a page from scratch – great if you want to have full control of your yearbook either to make it ‘on brand’ for your school or if you want to follow your class requests and help them make it as colourful and creative as they like!

Templates to choose from include:

How does it work? Simply pick a template layout then add colour, clipart, text, and images wherever you like.

Make it visual

The brilliant thing about a Yearbook is that it allows children to remember important school memories forever. How many times as an adult have you revisited a school memory and wished you had a photo to show your own children? We are raising a generation who will be able to do just that!

Think about what your children may like to reflect on and remember in clearer detail as they age, such as:

Ask us anything

At APFS, we are passionate about helping children, parents, and teachers to have fun creating their yearbooks. We’re on hand to help with the process, so if you get stuck – get in touch or make the most of our live chat feature so we can help. Plus, you can keep browsing our blog for more ideas on how to have creative moments with your children and to find further tips on creating a memorable Yearbook.

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Click HERE to try our online Yearbook designer, and see just how easy it can be to create your unique class Yearbook.