Educate as You Create: What your Children Will Learn from a Christmas Card Project

Launching a Christmas Card Project isn’t just about the thrill you give parents when they receive a card lovingly designed by their child. A Christmas Card Project provides multiple fantastic learning opportunities for your class. Here’s what they look like:

Boost their creativity

As art gets less attention on the curriculum, finding ways to bring multiple learning experiences together while embracing creativity is so important. Our Christmas Card Project gives children a unique creative outlet to work on while providing a tangible reward: a card they will be proud to share with friends and family.

The creative opportunities provided as part of the creation process are huge. Forget sticking to pens and pencils - let them get messy through finger painting or collage. Plus, why not move away from a prescribed outcome and give them the freedom to design exactly as they see fit - who says Father Christmas can’t be dressed in purple and riding a unicorn? Let’s nurture their imagination and let them be little as they craft.

Increase their confidence

Confidence comes from encouragement and the opportunity for a child to be themselves, fully. Creativity is a wonderful way to nurture individuality and praise efforts. When creating their own Christmas Card designs, targets and criteria can be forgotten; let them have fun and marvel at what they come up with.

At APFS, we encourage inclusivity to help build self-esteem too. Our printing service gives every child in class a chance to have their designs printed and ordered.

Learn through play

From an educational angle, the most important part of crafting is not the finished project - it’s the process. Kids love getting messy. Being sticky. Changing the rules. Doing things their way. Let them play with art materials as part of the card design process and watch as they thrive by exploring creative freedom.

By letting children be free as they create, no two cards will be exactly the same!

Strengthen motor development

Another one of the ways little artists will learn is through the wealth of gross and motor skills strengthened when using art materials and resources. Whether it's practicing their pencil grip or mastering scissors - we all know how important being hands-on is (for both motor skills and concentration levels) particularly in the Early Years.

Throw in some maths

If you really want to take a Christmas Card Project further on the learning front, throw in some maths challenges! Ask your children to set card prices and work out how many cards they will need to sell to reach a set amount? Once printed you could even run your own in-school postal service with groups of children selling stamps and delivering mail from class to class. A really fun way to end the term.

Build social skills

Writing and sending Christmas cards are naturally social activities, and a great way to open up conversation around different relationships within our children's lives. Who would they like to send cards to? What will their message be? Which of their peers designs do they most like? Who would they love a card from? The opportunities for ‘show & tell’ and further discussions are great. And that’s before thinking about the conversations opened up as they deliver cards to their parents and friends – the best bit!

Are you excited about the learning opportunities open to your children when joining in a Christmas Card Project? Share this post with other staff or parents who might like a reminder of the brilliant benefits.  Or sign up for a free sample pack here.