Design, create and publish your very own book with  our Build-a-Book project. Our online designer allows you to create your book from scratch or use existing templates. With Build-a-Book, everyone gets the chance to become a published author. 

Build-a-Book is a great project to integrate into the classroom, as every child is given the opportunity to write and design their very own book.


No minimum order

Save and re-visit work at any time


Online Activity book 

Keep children's mind active with our online digital Build-a-Book. Every page is filled with an activity for children to complete, from child-friendly Sudoku to riddles and online fact finding treasure hunts. 

For only £5 our 28 page book will keep your child entertained during the holiday. To access the book, click on the link below. Once payment has been confirmed a link will be sent to you for your child to access via email. 

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Need some content inspiration?

Use our pre-built templates

Build-A-Book about your favourite sport, from Cricket to Taekwondo. Fill your pages with sporting highlights, sports trips and scores.  

Stretch your way through the pages with a book on Yoga, class meditation or mental health awareness.

Build-A-Book about cycling, the great outdoors and School trips.

Write books about your pets, animals, wildlife. How about a book about family or school holidays? 

Build a football book for your football team. Showcase every player, match and away game each season. 

Tell a story with pictures. A photo-book is a great way to keep your memories safe.


There are no hidden charges. 

Prices start from £10 for a 32-page full-colour book

Each additional set of 2 pages is 20p up to a maximum of 104 pages.

Please be aware that a 32-page book equals 28 inside pages. The front and back cover equal 4 pages and the 2 inside cover pages are non-editable.