Personalised Gifts 

Personalised gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate your family, friends and mark a special occasion. Unlike your usual web-to-print companies, we operate a little differently. To ensure the artwork is truthfully applied to the product, we ask for it to be sent to us, where it is scanned using our state-of-the-art printers and transferred accurately to the product. The artwork is always returned to the artist. We have no minimum orders and you don't have to be part of a School to use our service. 

More importantly, we can turn all of our products into fundraising projects. If you need to raise money for your School, sports club, social evening or have a particular objective in mind, then please get in touch with our team to see how we can create a fundraising project perfect for you. 

Autograph Books

Each A6 Autograph Books contains 40 blank pages, perfect for collecting messages of good luck and fond farewells. Artwork, photos or logos can be be added on the front or back of the book.  Our Autograph books are a great way for School leavers to mark the end of their time at School, without marking their t-shirts. Or perhaps you're planning a trip to Disney Land, in which case our Autotgraph books can be personalised as a pre-holiday gift ready to be filled with superhero and princesses signatures. ​

Cards, Wrapping paper & Gift tags

Go one step further with your presents this year, and make the gifted feel extra special with personalised cards, wrapping paper and gift tags. For School leavers, retiring teachers, birthdays, holidays, special occasions and of course religious holidays this gift is the perfect ensemble. 

Standard cards - A6 in size and accompanied with a pack of 12 envelopes. 

Luxury cards - A5 in size and accompanied with a pack of 6 envelopes

Gift tags - A8 in size, folded and supplied in packs of 12 with adhesive pads. 

Wrapping paper  - A2 in size, supplied in packs of 3 sheets. 



Make the year yours with a personalised calendar. Get your photo or artwork professionally printed onto a yearly calendar. During the summer term we are also able to offer an academic year calendar with preprinted dates included by the school relating to the academic year. 


Print your artwork, photos and text onto your very own mug, or give as a great gift to friends, collegues or family. Our mugs come in two sizes, 10oz or 6oz and are dishwasher proof, meaning you can drink large cups or small cups again and again. 


Wear the occasion with a personalised T-shirt. We can print photos, logos, text and artwork onto your t-shirt ready to be worn as a gift or gifted as a souvernir or keepsake. Whether you need to bulk print t-shirts for your Schools sports team, or perhaps you need a few for a group holiday or just one-off as a personalised present, we can deliver. 

Our prices include V.A.T.