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Creative fundraising ideas for schools


Everyone benefits when fundraising for schools through art projects. Why not make it part of your school’s art week?

The Schools Art Project enables children to develop and celebrate their creativity and turn it into something enduring like a t-shirt, mousemat, shopping bag or tea towel. Not only that, it is a terrific opportunity to raise the profile of art and design in your school. You can even invite parents, relations, teachers and community groups to submit designs and place orders. APFS provide ideas and techniques online for each class teacher which will continue to give inspiration long after the project has finished.

The Schools Art Project is available all year round. It is one of many creative fundraising ideas from APFS, and, because it places minimal demand on school resources and teachers’ time, it’s simple to put into practice. Children will enjoy the process of creating a piece of art that will have a life beyond the end of the lesson and feel a real sense of pride in their endeavours when they see the finished product. If you have any queries, please call our experienced team of advisors on 0800 027 1939.


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It couldn’t be easier to boost school funds

Every item purchased raises money for your school:

Child T Adult T Shopper Mousemat Tea Towel
Cost to the school: £ 6.00 £ 7.50 £ 5.50 £ 6.00 £ 6.50
Suggested parent price: £ 7.00 £ 8.50 £ 6.50 £ 7.00 £ 7.50
School funds raised: £ 1.00 £ 1.00 £ 1.00 £ 1.00 £ 1.00

The suggested fundraising price can be adjusted by the school to increase the amount raised.

All prices include VAT.

The project process

What you need to do…

  • Request a FREE, no obligation sample pack by following the link below or contacting us on 0800 027 1939.
  • Complete and return the enclosed booking form, call us or follow the online booking link below to receive a FREE project pack containing everything you need to administer the project.
  • Select a date for the collection / posting of your artworks


  • Children have a great time creating their designs. They take them home to their parents along with an order form, leaflet and letter. Parents return the artwork with the payment, and the school despatches it to us by FREE courier or free pre paid special delivery.
  • By an agreed date, which will usually represent approximately a two-three week turnaround, the finished items and the original artworks are returned, packed in classes ready for easy distribution.

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