Activity Books

Keep children's minds busy with our fun and educational Activity Books. Our Activity Books are filled with questions, puzzles and challenges for your children to do online with a range of topics for Primary School ages. 

Now, children can entertain themselves, or with others, by researching and writing in their own Activity Books. We cover topics from Time Travelling History, Sports, and Animals to getting creative and writing their own Story Book. Our software is secure, and can only be accessed by a password which you will be asked to set up on payment. Once the books are complete, you will have the option to print it and keep it on your bookshelf as a memento or purchase one to send to a friend or family member. 

Online Activity Books

We've made all our digital Activity Books FREE! Click on the link to access them immediately. 

If you would like to keep your book when you have finished it, we can print it for you for just £7.00.  If you would like an extra copy for a loved one, that’s great the second book is discounted to just £5.00.

All our front covers can be edited or changed.




Amazing Animals

Suitable for ages: 5+

For younger children we recommend this book is completed with an adult as some questions may involve children having to search the internet for answers. The National Geographic is a great place to start. 

Roving Reporter Magazine 

Suitable for ages: 6+

This book asks children to explore and reflect on the world around them. They will need to be able to upload photographs or artworks of what they have discovered. This is very easy to do, but an adult will need to help younger children. 

Write Your Own Story Book

Suitable for ages: 7+

While the story is pre-written, children will need to fill in the missing words and add character names to develop and personalise their book, providing children with the opportunity to think about words and story building. Or for older children they can write their own story. 

Why not surprise your child or loved ones with the gift of print ? Buy a voucher to see their hard work published.




Time Travellers History 

Suitable for ages: 7+

Questions and activities in this book are based on Key Stage 2 and 3. The book is a scavenger hunt through time and may test some of you grown-ups to see what you remembered from your history lessons. 

Top Secret Science Experiments

Suitable for ages: 7+

Experiments involve a lot of indoor and outdoor activity so we recommend a responsible adult is on hand. Equipment required is all made from things you would find in your home. 

Life in Lockdown Diary 

Suitable for ages: 6+

Record your living history and remember what you did during Quarantine with your very own Life in Lockdown Library. 


Printed Activity Book 

Our 28 paged printed Activity Book is great for children who need some screen downtime. Get them colouring-in, secretly solving maths riddles, breaking down anagrams and more in our traditional Activity Book. 

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more Activity Books coming soon!