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Fundraising Project Resources



Let everyone know you're fundraising with a bright, visual poster. Click on the poster you like, download and print. Pop them up all around your school, club, local post office and sports halls and get the message out there. 

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ArtsProjectsForSchools_A3_CCP_Posters_v3 (2)_2-end-page-001.jpg
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Artwork Guidelines

We only have a few guidelines, and they're all there to ensure children's artwork is

produced perfectly. Download your own Artwork Guidelines poster by clicking on this image 

•             Artworks should be created on white or coloured paper/card and must be A4 in size (210mm x 297mm).  Please avoid using black paper

•             We recommend using good quality paper, no less than 160gsm. As a guide, if you can see through it then it’s too thin!  This will ensure there are no crinkles caused by handling or if using a wet technique such as painting or gluing and the artwork label will not show through to the artwork.

•             Designs can be portrait or landscape. Fill the whole page for best effect when printed. Please ensure that important parts of the artwork, such as any writing is kept away from the edges, as 2-3mm are trimmed off in the printing process. 

•             Encourage bold, bright colours, using paint or felt tip pens for the best results when printed best techniques could involve painting, collage or paper batiq.

•             Pencil drawings do not reproduce well and are often not visible when printed, so please do not create drawings using pencils.

•             Ensure there is good contrast between the background colour and the artwork

•             Collage artworks (maximum depth 5mm) look very effective when printed.  A wide range of materials can be used, such as tissue paper, cotton wool, and fabric, please make sure they are securely fixed and do not use glitter, reflective or photocopied items.  If using photos, ensure that they are not a glossy finish

•             We do not accept artwork that includes glitter, as the glitter contaminates other artwork and damages the machinery used in the printing process.

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Artwork Guidelines
ArtsProjectsForSchools_A4_CCP_TeacherGuide (5).pdf.png
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