Fundraising Project Resources


Let everyone know you're fundraising with a bright, visual poster. Click on the poster you like, download and print. Pop them up all around your school, club, local post office and sports halls and get the message out there. 

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Take a look at our example letters and social media posts.

Suggested Letter to parents 2020 Autumn
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Suggested text to be sent at the beginning of the project to let families know what's happening. Click image to download. 

Suggested text to be sent along with artworks, ready for families to order. Click image to download. 


Project Pack Materials 

Download extra copies of our project pack materials.

organiser 7 steps poster.PNG

Download our Organiser's 7 steps to project success poster. 

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Download our Class Teacher Guide. 

Artwork Guidelines

We only have a few guidelines, and they're all there to ensure children's artwork is

produced perfectly. Download your own Artwork Guidelines poster by clicking on this image > 

  • Artworks should be created on white or coloured paper/card and must be A4 in size (210mm x 297mm). Designs can be portrait  or landscape

  • Avoid using black backgrounds or faint coloured pencil drawings as these do not reproduce particularly well when printed 

  • We recommend using good quality paper, no less than 160gsm. A heavier paper will ensure that the unique artwork label does not show through the artwork


  • Card is better than paper if you are using a wet technique, i.e. painting or gluing. This is because card is unlikely to crinkle in the way that paper does when wet


  • To ensure the entirety of the artwork is printed please leave approximately a 2-3mm edge around the paper. This will also help children who tend to write words on the edge of the paper, find that their sentence(s) has not been cut off


  • Bold colours and collage (maximum depth 5mm) work really well


  • We do not accept artwork that includes glitter, as the glitter contaminates other artwork and damages the machinery used in the printing process


  • Reflective materials or pearlised paints do not reproduce well. This is due to the scanning process when a bright light travels across the artwork. Reflective materials will bounce the light back and distort the colour of the materials


  • If you would like to use pastel colours, they will need to be sprayed with a fixative spray (or hairspray) before being sent to us


  • We ask that you do not place artworks in plastic wallets. Please just place them in the envelope provided


  • Please note that due to copyright we cannot reproduce pictures from books, without permission from the owner of the image(s). Collage artwork from pictures cut out from magazines are allowed in most circumstances. If in doubt, please ask our customer service team before ordering. 

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