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Keep children's minds creative with Build-a-Book. Use our child-friendly design software to create your very own book. You can choose from our pre-designed templates below or design your book from scratch selecting your design from the multitude of backgrounds and scrapbook items. You can even upload your own photographs and artwork.

Try our free design software as a guest or to save your designs create a password-secure account. Once you've made your masterpiece, get it printed as a keepsake or thoughtful gift for your loved ones. 

Blank Designer

There's a book in everyone. 

Our unique Build-a-Book designer provides all ages with the opportunity to create their very own book however they like on whatever subject they like. To help with the design process, you can choose from the hundreds of backgrounds already uploaded or upload your own using the photo uploader. You can also choose from a range of page styles or make your own page from scratch.

Open Example Book

Build-a-Book Themed Templates 

Need help with using the Build-a-Book designer? Download our pdf how-to-guide here

Need some content inspiration?

Use our pre-built templates

Build-A-Book about your favourite sport, from Cricket to Taekwondo. Fill your pages with sporting highlights, sports trips and scores.  

Stretch your way through the pages with a book on Yoga, class meditation or mental health awareness.

Build-A-Book about cycling, the great outdoors and School trips.

Write books about your pets, animals, wildlife. How about a book about family or school holidays? 

Build a football book for your football team. Showcase every player, match and away game each season. 

Tell a story with pictures. A photo-book is a great way to keep your memories safe.

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