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Group Project

It's never been easier to celebrate those special days with our Online Creative Card Project. Schools and clubs across the UK have used the project to celebrate Eid, Birthdays, Easter and to create Thank you cards.  The transformation of children's artwork into greeting cards, wrapping paper and gift tags is a wonderful experience for both the children and the receivers of the cards. The project ensures art and creativity are kept at the forefront, and our customer service team are on hand to help you every step of the way should you need them. 

Best of all, this project is perfect for  helping schools, clubs and organisations  raise much needed funds through art.

Next, BOOK YOUR SPACE 2021. After your booking has been confirmed, we will be in touch with key dates for your project. These dates will help you communicate with teachers, pupils and parents as to when the project will start, when to order and when items will be dispatched. Free collection and delivery on all orders across the UK and Channel Islands. 

Raise money with every order made!

Next, we will distribute project packs and portal login details. Inside the project pack you will have all you need to start the project. You will also have access to a password secure portal, where you will be able to track orders and your fundraising amount. 

See our Fundraising Resources page for help with raising awareness.

Once the artworks have been created, remember to stick the unique artwork labels onto the reverse. Orders cannot be placed without a label! 

Next, send the child's artwork home. Families will be able to place an order immediately by visiting and inputting the unique artwork code on the reverse of their child's artwork. Families can personalise their cards with pre-selected greetings or write their own. 

Once paid, artworks MUST be returned to the organiser and sent to APFS using the pre-paid envelope found in the project pack. We won't be able to create printed items without the artwork.

Children can create as many artworks as they like, as long as there is a label on the back, families can place multiple orders. Just don't forget to send us the paid-for artwork for scanning!

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Original artworks and printed items will be sent back to the school on the agreed dispatch date. 

Schools never need to handle payment and the fundraising amount will be sent to the school or Organiser once the project has finished. 

We ask for a minimum of 10 artworks in order for you to take part in the project. 

Each sale raises funds for your school. 

We provide you with everything you need, including a free postal service. 

Read our Green pledge to see how we're committing towards a sustainable future. 

Parents have the option of ordering the following items using their child's artwork:


Standard cards - A6 in size and supplied in packs of 12 with envelopes.


Luxury cards - A5 in size, gloss coated, folded and supplied in packs of 6 with envelopes.


Gift tags - A8 in size and supplied in packs of 12 with adhesive pads.*


Wrapping paper - A2 in size, supplied in packs of 3 sheets.

All prices include VAT. Envelopes are included in price.

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*Gift tags cannot be ordered as a stand-alone item.

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