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Journey Books

Bring fun and creativity into your classroom (or home) with our Journey Book project.  For the first time, your children can create, design and write their own book based on the school’s curriculum.

Our easy-to-use online software is child-friendly and ensures that all ages and abilities can join in. We provide blank templates for children who would like to design their book from scratch, and for children who would prefer to focus on the content, we offer a multitude of backgrounds and templates. Our backgrounds, templates and scrapbook items are tailored around the UK school curriculum.


The Journey Book project celebrates your children’s achievements and creativity, promoting discussion within the classroom or at home about what they have learnt. The project can be run in class, as a study-group or at home with parental involvement. The online aspect of the project ensures flexibility and creativity at all times.

Best of all, once the book has been completed, you can order hard-copies to have as celebratory keepsakes of your child’s work. This is a wonderful way to record and keep your children’s achievements.

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Try our free

online designer. 

Step One

To start, click the button above and follow the steps to create your account. 

Step Two

Design your book however and wherever you like in our online designer. 

Step Three

Submit your finished Journey Book . 

Step Four

Receive your Journey Book and share with friends. 


There are no hidden charges. 

Prices start from £10 for a bespoke, personalised journey book.

Each additional set of 2 pages is 20p up to a maximum of 104 pages.

Please be aware that a 32-page book equals 28 inside pages. The front and back cover equal 4 pages and the 2 inside cover pages are non-editable. 

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