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Jubilee Project




How will you be celebrating?

Give your children the opportunity to transform their artwork into a truly individual memento to commemorate this special event.  Your school can also take this opportunity to raise some valuable funds. Children’s individual artworks can be professionally printed onto mugs or bags.

Create a book of your celebrations


Collect all the photos of your Jubilee celebrations, add in quotes and memories from these events to create a unique and personal record of this historic occasion.

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Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

For every school who take part in our Jubilee Project, we will make a donation to "The Queen's Green Canopy" to "Gift a Tree for the Jubilee"


Artwork printed on one side with the official Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem (English or Welsh version) on the other side.

Traditional 10oz Durham styled mug

Suggested selling price to parents £7 (includes £1 fundraising for school)

Small Bag Image 1.png
Large Bag Image 2.png

Child’s artwork printed onto a cotton bag 

Choose from:

Tote bag, natural colour, made from 100% cotton with long handles.  10 litre bag, measures 38 x 42cm.


Shopper bag, natural colour, made from 100% cotton canvas with long handles. 20 litre bag, measures 39 x 42 x 13cm.

Our simple process makes this an easy way for your school to celebrate and raise funds. Families place their orders online so there is no need for you to handle payments. the school will raise funds from every item purchased

Step 1

Children create an artwork on A4 paper/card. For full artwork guide lines please click here. We will send you a project packs containing labels for you to stick on the back of the children's artworks.

Step 2

Once artworks have been created in school, just send them to us using our free courier service. We will then scan each artwork and save a digital copy and return the originals back to you.

Step 4

Once all orders have been placed we will print and dispatch the order back to school in their classes, making them easy for you to distribute to children.

The fundraising made from the orders will then be paid to you. 

Step 3

Once you have received the original artworks back to school. Simply send the artworks home to families to start placing their orders online using the code upon the label stuck to the back of the artwork.

You can also choose to create a book, documenting all of your preparations and record your school’s celebrations or create your own recipe book, for your "Big Jubilee Lunch"

With so many special events planned to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, there are lots of fun ways to join in: 

  • Hold your own ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’

  • Hold your own pageant to display flags designed by children as part of the ‘River of Hope’

  • Planting a tree, to be part of the ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’

  • Get creative with recipes for the ‘Platinum Pudding Competition’


Alternatively, if you wish to have customised mugs printed for your school with the official Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem and an artwork of your choice, please get in touch with us for a quote.

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