Leavers Gifts

Mark the occasion

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Leavers Gift

Leavers Gifts are a wonderful way to send your school leavers onto pastures new with a lasting memento of their time at your school. You can choose from creating individual artwork to be printed onto each gift or simply send us a photograph/artwork to print onto all items. There are three leavers' gifts available to purchase:


Send us a class photo and your school’s logo, and we will print them, together with the words ‘Leavers 2019’ onto your order of white ceramic mugs. Our mugs are durable, microwave and dishwasher friendly to ensure they last a lifetime. 

Autograph Books

Each A6 Autograph Books contains 40 blank pages, perfect for collecting messages of good luck and fond farewells. The book features a class photo or school logo on the front and your school’s name, together with ‘Leavers Class of 2019’ on the back.


What better way for your pupils to remember their school years than with a t-shirt to collect farewell messages from their friends and teachers. Each T-shirt is printed with a class photo or a school logo on the front and the school name, together with ‘Leavers Class of 2019’ on the back.

It's free.

Step One

Book your space

Choose whether you are designing individual artwork for each product, or using one image to be printed on everything.

Let us know when you require the items to be back in school ready for your leavers.

Step Two

Send us your image/ artwork

Email us the image that you would like printed onto your chosen products, along with how many you require.

If you are designing individual artwork for each product, you will need to send us (using free DPD pickup) the artwork.

Step Three

Goods are dispatched
 Products are produced by APFS and sent back to school free of charge. Delivery is for the UK and Channel Islands. 


All prices are inclusive of VAT apart from T-shirts which are non-VATable. Delivery to the UK and Channel Islands,