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Life in Lockdown

Living History Books

Get the whole school involved with individual or class-focused Life in Lockdown diaries. Children can work individually or in groups to create, design and record how they feel, what they think, what they are learning and more during quarantine.

This time in all of our lives is unprecedented, historical and a great opportunity for children to remember how they felt once life returns to 'normal'.

Organisers can use the form opposite to sign their school/club up to the project. We will then create a personalised login page just for your school and work with you to shape the diary project as you wish. 

It is completely free to access and take part in this project. However, should families/teachers wish to have a printed copy of their book, then their is a small fee of £7 plus postage for a beautiful A4 full-colour printed copy. 

Sign your school up to take part in "Life in Lockdown" Journey Books

Thank you for signing up. We're busy creating your school's page and will email you once it's up and running!

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