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10 School Memories for your Yearbook

Our time at school leaves us with memories for life, it's a bubble that is our world for a few years and everything in it seems so important. With hindsight we may wish we had the opportunity to create a yearbook and record more permanently those people and things that were so important to us. So with that in mind here are our top 10 things you could include when making your own special yearbook.

School trips

Children love any chance to get out, explore, and make memories outside of the classroom. Whether you’re off on a museum trip, farm visit, or Fire Station tour - a Yearbook is a brilliant place to collate photos, document quotes from the day and note what you learned on your outing. A lovely way for parents to relive special memories with their children.

Sporting Highlights

Celebrate all of your children’s sports activities, from the fun games to the team events. A yearbook is a brilliant space to share team photos, their achievements and highlights.

Fundraising Events

These events may be held to raise money for school or to support charities. We are all familiar with charity fundraising days and often these are combined with dressing up or carrying out fun and sponsored activities. Use a couple of pages in your yearbook to document these as well as thanking both the organisers and supporters.

Artworks and creativity

A yearbook is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate children’s creativity and ideal for sharing individual pieces of art, ask children to choose their favourite and show it on their page. A perfect way too of preserving the larger, collaborative pieces which are used to decorate classrooms and hallways.

First and Last days

Add photos from pupils first days in class or early events to document those huge milestones, alongside photos taken in the last term at your school. Collect some memories of their favourite activities and what they remember enjoying the most.

School Plays and Concerts

Any type of school performance is a great opportunity for a Yearbook feature. Again, photo content is key with additional interviews and quotes always being a fun addition that families can enjoy long into the future.

Messages from Teachers

Our children’s teachers make a lifelong impression on their classes, so consider celebrating them with each one having a full profile for pupils to look back on. Include photos and messages to their classes with their memories and wishes for the future. You can make this engaging and fun by asking the class to come up with some interview questions themselves.

Pupil favourites

Looking for more ideas on what to celebrate in your school Yearbook? Ask your pupils. There are no rules to creating the perfect Yearbook, you have the creative freedom to use it how you wish, and your children are sure to have ideas of their own! Why not start an interview series and ask them what they love most about school? Or ask them what they’ve most enjoyed doing throughout their years at school so far and uncover what it is they wish they could look back on?

Classroom tours

Who doesn't love reminiscing about their own school days? Including classroom and school tours inside a Yearbook is a lovely visual reminder for your children to look back on for years to come and reflect on with future generations.

Out of school achievements

It’s easy to overlook the importance of what our children are achieving outside of school but why not celebrate their accomplishments and boost their confidence with a section dedicated to out-of-school achievements? Things you could include: photography they’ve taken, interesting places they’ve been with their families, extracurricular awards they’ve won, stories about their pets or members of the family they’ve welcomed!

Which of these school memories are you going to add in to your Yearbook?


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