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Run a Creative School Fundraising Project with us

It’s fair to say that this year hasn’t gone as planned, but we’re thankful that the year isn’t over yet! With much to look forward to, something as small as giving a greetings card made from a child’s design means a lot to both the child designing it and the lucky recipient. For us, at Art Projects for Schools, the project has never been about the seasonality of Christmas, but the happiness art can bring to a child and the fundraising that can be raised. That’s why we are making a conscious effort to rename the project to the Creative Card Project.

So, whether you’d like to keep with the Christmas feeling or use the project for other themes, the choice is always up to you. Of course creativity is not seasonal! If you’re unsure whether the project is right for you, here are seven reasons why we think it could be:

  1. In the first instance, we are the longest-running art and fundraising company in the UK, and we are printers second. Many of the other companies are printers first, and every season they run a commercially based Christmas Card Project. We’re not like that. Instead, we run creative-based fundraising projects all year round, helping to provide creative art opportunities for children and boost funds for schools.

  2. We also happen to be the only school fundraising company currently on Trustpilot. That’s because we value transparency and honesty and we’re thrilled that we’ve been rated an incredible 4.7 out of 5 on all of our projects.

  3. We’re trendsetters. We were one of the first to move the project online, and we did this because we know organisers wanted minimal admin work and more focus on creativity.

  4. We provide everything an organiser needs to run their project smoothly and successfully. From informative project packs to personal online portals to a dedicated fundraising resources page, we’ve got you covered.

  5. Our quality is something we’re proud of and known for. We want to make sure the children are immensely proud of the items they receive with their artwork, which is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to producing high-quality products.

  6. Our friendly customer service team is on-hand to help both organisers and families take part in the project. So, if you have any queries send them our way as we’re more than happy to help.

  7. Last and best of all, we’ve helped raise over £5 million for schools, helping to build gymnasiums, provide library books, computer equipment, day trips, and more.

If you’d like to find out more about our Creative/Christmas Card Project, then please click here.


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