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Passport to Secondary Learning 

Bridging the gap from primary to secondary school has always been challenging for pupils and teachers alike.  In this current climate, creating an opportunity for continuity, expression and engagement at this time of transition is a priority.  Through our Build-a-Book software there is a wonderful creative opportunity for year 7 teachers and pupils to create their own transition book, which we like to think of as a ‘Passport to Secondary Learning’, but obviously you can create whatever you like. 


Among the myriad of possibilities you could:

·        Create a welcome to your new school book

·        Include puzzles developing the children’s knowledge of the layout of the school

·        Get them to interview each other and teachers

·        Record their feelings in such a different environment

·        Work on a specific topic across the curriculum reflecting the work patterns they were used to in primary school

·        Compare and contrast their old and new schools

·        Write memories of their old schools

·        Include stories, poems and pieces of art done in the first few weeks of the new term

All this can be done either online and then printed as a final book or offline and filled in by the children as they start their new school life. This could create a sense of belonging and trust in their new school and gives the year 7 teachers a sense of engagement with their new intake from day one.  It also gives you something to share with the new parents who are equally building trust with their child’s new school and the education standards you set out.

Passport Book

Pupils can create a printed, online version of the My Activity Passport book which is a Government initiative launched for primary school students across the UK. 

Example background pages 

Blank Designer

Our unique Build-a-Book designer provides all ages with the opportunity to create their very own book however they like on whatever subject they like. To help with the design process, you can choose from the hundreds of backgrounds already uploaded or upload your own using the photo uploader. You can also choose from a range of page styles or make your own page from scratch.

Life in Lockdown 

Our Life in Lockdown book provides children with the opportunity to record their living history and remember what they did and how they felt during Quarantine. Children can print their personalised books and bring them into school to share with new friends and class teachers. 

For more inspiration visit our Build-a-Book page. 

Need help with using the Build-a-Book designer? Download our pdf how-to-guide here

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