Give the gift of memories with our Yearbook project. Use our free online designer to create a professional, high-quality A4 Yearbook in no time at all. Our free design software comes with a variety of scrapbook items, backgrounds and hundreds of templates to choose from. You can also drag and drop your personal photographs into your book.


One of the longest-running Yearbook providers, we've been trusted by over 6000 schools across the UK to transform their memories into wonderful Yearbooks. Our customer service team are on-hand to aid you with your Yearbook design as full-on or as little as you like. Why not order one of our free Yearbook samples so you can see for yourself?

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Book now to confirm your submission and dispatch dates. Delivery to the UK and Channel Islands. 

Step One

First, book your space on our Yearbook project and we will be in touch to secure your delivery dates. You can book using the button above or by getting in touch with us directly. 

Step Two

Next click on the 'start a new yearbook' button above.

Step Three

Choose your template and theme from the hundreds of designs on offer.

Step Four

Design Yearbooks in class or in the comfort of your own home.


There are no hidden charges. 

Prices start from £6.50 for a 32-page full-colour A4 Yearbook.

Each additional set of 2 pages is 20p up to a maximum of 104 pages. 

Please be aware that a 32-page book equals 28 inside pages. The front and back cover equal 4 pages and the 2 inside cover pages are non-editable. 

Our prices are competitive with the Primary School Yearbooks on the market. Please note, delivery is for the UK and Channel Islands, for orders outside of this please get in touch. 


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